Thursday, February 26, 2015

Camille's Quilt

While Quilt Con was going on... 

I found all sorts of fun fabric at
Road to California last month.

Then I went to town and cut
the heck out of it.

My kiddo came to me recently with a request.
She wanted her own quilt. Why not, everyone
else she knew had their own. 
She had a specific wish list.
Not too young looking,
and not too old looking.
And definitely no babyish 
looking animals!

It was refreshing to follow a pattern this time 
for Camille's Quilt. After creating a few of my 
own quilts I sometimes find that it's good to 
have a project that allows you to work on 
technique. Cut, piece, sew, iron, cut, piece, 
sew, iron. Camille is picking out some border 
fabric this weekend before it's quilted. 

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Smoke Screens


February's Four In Art challenge is based on literature.
One of my all-time favorite books is The Screwtape Letters
by CS Lewis. The book is about a senior devil, by the name 
of Screwtape, who teaches a junior devil about the art 
of tempting the enemy (which are the humans). 
I chose the quote... 

"The game is to have them running 
about with fire extinguishers 
when there is a flood."

I titled the quilt Smoke Screens,
because this is Screwtape's intent... to have the smoke
from the extinguisher prevent us from seeing the real
problem that is at hand. Essentially we're blinded. 
With this scenario people are going through 
the motions of thinking they are solving 
 problems, but with the wrong results.

I found CS Lewis' signature on the internet and 
printed it on red fabric for the fire extinguisher. 
For the actual quote I used Illustrator to
design the text and printed it out on the gray
background fabric (which is extra from a 
skirt I recently made). Since these are actually
CS Lewis' words I thought it would be good
to have them looking like they are coming out 
of the fire extinguisher.

I used silver thread to free motion quilt the text. 
Boy, I was seeing circles after all those little letters!

My youngest kiddo wanted to get in on the 
free motion quilting fun too. 

I really like this quote since it's about 
Screwtape teaching to distract humans during 
a crisis with the wrong resources to life's problems.
How often do we find ourselves in a flood, 
but are tempted or distracted with the wrong solution?

Close up of the fire extinguisher handle. I used silver 
heat-resistant fabric for the handle and nozzle.

Detail of silver text.

I liked the surface patterns pictured here with the
light reflecting on the silver thread.

Blue thread was used in the bottom half of the quilt to represent the flood that the fire extinguisher is being used on. I also added a some red, in the very narrow binding, to help draw the eye across the quilt, to provide some balance to that HUGE extinguisher. 
Blue fabric was added to the binding down where the flood is taking place.  

One valuable lesson I learned is... never free motion
quilt while you are on the phone with 
one of your college kids! 
I accidentally did this on the red knob on 
the fire extinguisher handle and decided the 
quilting there was thoughtless & messy. 

Back side of the Smoke Screen quilt, which looks like the 
aftermath of fighting a flood with a fire extinguisher...
total chaos in a lost battle. 
This is where Screwtape and his minions want us to be,
lost, distracted, exhausted and confused about all our efforts.

Personal Note: 
I have found many parallels between 
the temptations from the adversary and the 
instruction from Screwtape. To me, CS Lewis' genius lies in 
understanding the enemy and discerning his 
intents, purpose and temptations with us. 
I have been training Kyokoshin Karate for 7 years. 
One thing that I have learned from karate is that 
if you are to fight an enemy, you need to study 
them and know their weaknesses and strengths 
so that you can be triumphant. 
And so it is in life...

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