Friday, May 1, 2015

Drum roll please....
It's time for another Four In Art reveal!!!

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A little bit of silk inspiration from a trip to 
Michael Lavine's in downtown Los Angeles
combined with a quote from my high school
track & cross country Coach Calvin Rossi.
I know this isn't literature, but nonetheless.....
they are words.

"Hills are your friends,
whenever there's an up,
there's always a down."
Coach Calvin Rossi, Irvine High School 

Coach Rossi was constantly talking about hills. He taught 
us to pass competitors on the up hill, then lean into the 
hill on the way down and FLY!!! This is one way to mess
with a competitor by passing them when they are dying
on a big hill. It becomes a mental game. You've just 
intimidated them on the challenging up hill, AND you 
get an adrenalin rush by doing something tough.

Funny thing is, I still do this on my bike rides every 
week with my husband. We play cat and mouse the
entire bike ride, taking turns passing each other. 

A photo of me in 1988. I saw this sign during a race in
Whittier, California and had to go back for a photo.

Detail of silk hill. Working with silk was slippery.
It slid around and pulled easily under 
my walking foot.

I have to say this is one of my favorite hills. 
It not not only is a horizontal hill, but it ended up in 3D!

Life quite often is full of hills.
Hills we don't want to go up, challenges 
we have to take. It's important to remember
that once we overcome the difficulty
there will always be a time of rest, or 
a down hill time in life, where we can
rest, recover or just coast for a while.

I decidedto keep the back of the 
quilt simple, it's solid yellow.

I kept the edges raw and just added some thick bands 
of stitching to finish the edges off. 

The back side of the quilt.
Since all the hills were quilted in smooth hilly shapes
I thought the quilt could use some contrast.
The top and bottom areas of the quilt are all
quilted in geometric straight lines.

I'm on the left, not running up a hill.
1989 Irvine High School.
Go Vaqueros! 
A Vaquero is a Spanish Cowboy.