Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas

I hope that your many trips to the fabric store are completed 
and that you have ALMOST every thing wrapped.

I did make 2 trips to Joann's this week. I bought my first package of 
leather needles 
only to break 4 of them on one project!

I am grateful for the the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ.


Monday, December 15, 2014

No Peeking

Ok Folks....We've hit the official Chistmas Season, so there's no peeking at your gifts.

I wanted to share a few things I've been up to recntly, but that would give 
all my gifts away, so here's just a few things I can share.

I've been making Christmas Cards, but they still need to be assembled. 
My 13 year old pointed out a spelling error to me AFTER 
I brought them home from the printers. Aggghhhhh!
Look for our card in your mail box early next week.  

I put in a zipper on a a really cool gift.

These are pillowcases made with French seams.  My favorite is the typewritter fabric.

Found some fun Chanukah pasta for a friend. 
We've been invited to our first Chanukah party this year. 

Finally found a good use for the chalk borad heart garland I bought to use at Claire's wedding reception, but didn't use at the reception. 
I made up this little decorative font and decided to use it more this Christmas.

More chalk board fun. I put this one up in the kitchen. 

This banner stretches across the entire front of the kitchen.

Just had to make a banner for our church Christmas Party. 
I was under the gun on this one. 
I had one hour to get it done while I helped one of my daughters make 
brownies, for the first time, from scratch for the party. 
As I was hanging this sign I accidentally mis-spelled Chrismtas. 
Good thing it was an easy correction.

Christmas isn't just about getting things done though. 
We went to a Messiah Sing-In last night. 
Our family has been attending for about 8 years now. 
I am convinced that it's one of the best ways to celebrate 
the real meaning of Christmas. 


Friday, December 5, 2014

BEST GIFT EVER.... The Sew Together Bag

Links for instructions and tutorials are at the bottom of the page.

You know my friend Lisa?...the one I've nominated for Sainthood? 
(Haven't heard back from the Vatican yet, I guess there's competition.)

She recently asked me for some of my favorite fat quarters so she could make me a 
Sew Together Bag for Christmas. I was INCREDIBLY excited about this. 

These bags are amazing! 

They have so many pockets and are a wonderful for organizing supplies when you're on the go. I went to my stash collection and handed over a stack of fabrics I bought at Eliane's Quilt Block. Here's a sampling of the fabric. 

Lisa had an amazing selection of zippers for me to choose from. 
Please tell me it's normal to get excited about a project with different colored zippers!

This is one of my favorite pockets. 
I love opening it up to find the jumbled up text inside. 
That's the graphic designer in me having a party! 
Just so you know, seeing a font out of place like this makes me smile.

Here's a sweet note that I found inside.

Here are some links for making your own sew together bag. 
My friend 
Elizabeth from 
has two fantastic tutorials about making this bag. Elizabeth has posted a link to purchase the instructions on her blog.


Elizabeth has also posted a mini sew together tutorial.


Sew Together Bag is by

Happy Christmas Sewing!