Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Four in Art

This quarter's Four In Art theme is...
Stained Glass Shadows.
I decided to illustrate with gray, black and white glass 
encircled by red "lead". 
I know stained glass shadows are usually full of color,
 but this time around I thought I'd use a range of grays from white to black. 

With each new Four In Art quilt I like to try a new technique.
This time around I tried improvisational paper piecing. 
Here's the first step.

And here's a crummy photo taken at night of what it looks like after 
spending a half hour or so improvising on this little guy.

Ahhh...finally some better light in the morning to
 show off how this first step went. 

And here's the backside. 
I added washi tape over lines that I had to tear while I was still sewing.

Next step I used a compass to cut out a shadow of a round
"stained glass window." 
My 12 year old asked what the compass was?!?!?! 
I have to blame lack of parental example or lame California math curriculum on this one.
(You can't teach how to use a compass when EVERYTHING at school is taught via computer. Using a compass is a hands on activity folks!)
 So..... today my daughter learned how to use a compass. 

Next I made some 1/4 inch bias tape, but it ended up to be 1/2 inch tape.
Then I pinned the heck out of it. 
After making a wedding dress last year for one of my older daughters 
I fell in love with these glass headed pins. 
They are super fine, slightly flexible, and amazingly sharp!

Here's my quilt sandwich.

I decided to quilt this mini with mono filament thread. 
The rest of the photos are taken at night so the 
lighting goes down hill from here on out. 

For the binding I used the backing fabric.
I cut the backing fabric a 1/2 inch from the quilt top
then I ironed and rolled the fabric to the front, 
then pinned and pinned and pinned. 

Ta da! Here's the final Four In Art Project.

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