Monday, August 1, 2016

Purple Chop Chop

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This quarter's Four In Art theme is Purple Passion. 
We've owned 3 purple sofas. Here are a couple of photos of #2 purple sofa. 
Our townhouse in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Four generation photo after our first daughter, Claire, was born.
The sofa looks more red here due to poor lighting. 

I used to wear a lot of purple, we've owned 3 purple sofas, 
but I really hadn't quilted in purple before. I thought it was time to experiment.

I decided to draw some lines on a piece of paper. 
I then cut it into strips on the diagonal and taped it together. 
Then I cut on the diagonal from the opposite direction and taped again. 
This is the final mock up, mind you I did this in bed at 11pm,
and my husband couldn't understand why I was doing 'crafts' in bed. 

I was doing this in bed because at the time, 
I thought I had a bright idea.

 I used some PURPLE silk from one of Claire's semi formals,
I added some equally vibrant orange for balance.

I chopped and sewed....

 and copped and sewed....

 and chopped and sewed.

I stopped chopping at this point and spray glued it on a gray background.
I was afraid the spray due would show through on the silk, 
lucky me I won the quilting lottery today and
the spray glue didn't show through. 
I decided to leave all the raw edges exposed.

 I started quilting my chopped up purple silk with straight lines.

Then I quilted a bunch of circles that matched the orange fabric.

A good artist knows when to stop. Well....
I kept going thinking more is better. I forgot that less is more. 

I was fine with the quilted wavy lines, straight lines and circles. 

Remember how I said a good artist knows when to stop?
Well... after I stippled the word PURPLE I knew that
I would NOT be quilting any words onto my next quilt. 

 I decided to leave the edges raw since the silk edges are raw and this is an experiment 

At the end of the process this was a great experiment to be part of. 
I wouldn't mind chopping a bunch of fabric up again, 
but I'm not going to be stippling any words or letters on a quilt anytime soon. 
Not all ideas are brilliant, they are just ideas.