Friday, December 5, 2014

BEST GIFT EVER.... The Sew Together Bag

Links for instructions and tutorials are at the bottom of the page.

You know my friend Lisa?...the one I've nominated for Sainthood? 
(Haven't heard back from the Vatican yet, I guess there's competition.)

She recently asked me for some of my favorite fat quarters so she could make me a 
Sew Together Bag for Christmas. I was INCREDIBLY excited about this. 

These bags are amazing! 

They have so many pockets and are a wonderful for organizing supplies when you're on the go. I went to my stash collection and handed over a stack of fabrics I bought at Eliane's Quilt Block. Here's a sampling of the fabric. 

Lisa had an amazing selection of zippers for me to choose from. 
Please tell me it's normal to get excited about a project with different colored zippers!

This is one of my favorite pockets. 
I love opening it up to find the jumbled up text inside. 
That's the graphic designer in me having a party! 
Just so you know, seeing a font out of place like this makes me smile.

Here's a sweet note that I found inside.

Here are some links for making your own sew together bag. 
My friend 
Elizabeth from 
has two fantastic tutorials about making this bag. Elizabeth has posted a link to purchase the instructions on her blog.


Elizabeth has also posted a mini sew together tutorial.


Sew Together Bag is by

Happy Christmas Sewing!

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  1. Lisa is a good friend. . . and she's my Visiting Teacher! Your Sew Together Bag is so cute. I'm glad you love love love it!