Thursday, November 27, 2014

647 Miles & 448 Inches

Recently we took a little trip and drove 647 miles. 
This is what most of the road looked like.

                                     I thought this would be a great opportunity to 
                                              finish binding 448 inches on a quilt. 
                                   This ginormous quilt sat on my lap for the ENTIRE TRIP.

The quilt was fun to make for Claire & Conrad, 
but this may be my first and last time I make a quilt this BIG
It was just so much material to work with on my tiny Husky Star sewing machine. 
I even borrowed a friends sewing machine just so I could do an appliqué stitch.
Lisa Johnson did a wonderful job quilting the abacus design! 

I also picked the windiest day ever to take a final photo, 
which added it's own element of challenges. 

  Happy Thanksgiving! Eat lots of PIE!!!

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  1. That is a huge quilt! I've made two King-sized quilts, and now the queen seems manageable, but I still like the wall-sized the best. Easy to sew and to quilt. All of that is to say: your quilt is fabulous!! I love the design and the backing as well as that abacus design. Yay, Simone!! And yes, I ate a lot of pie.