Monday, December 15, 2014

No Peeking

Ok Folks....We've hit the official Chistmas Season, so there's no peeking at your gifts.

I wanted to share a few things I've been up to recntly, but that would give 
all my gifts away, so here's just a few things I can share.

I've been making Christmas Cards, but they still need to be assembled. 
My 13 year old pointed out a spelling error to me AFTER 
I brought them home from the printers. Aggghhhhh!
Look for our card in your mail box early next week.  

I put in a zipper on a a really cool gift.

These are pillowcases made with French seams.  My favorite is the typewritter fabric.

Found some fun Chanukah pasta for a friend. 
We've been invited to our first Chanukah party this year. 

Finally found a good use for the chalk borad heart garland I bought to use at Claire's wedding reception, but didn't use at the reception. 
I made up this little decorative font and decided to use it more this Christmas.

More chalk board fun. I put this one up in the kitchen. 

This banner stretches across the entire front of the kitchen.

Just had to make a banner for our church Christmas Party. 
I was under the gun on this one. 
I had one hour to get it done while I helped one of my daughters make 
brownies, for the first time, from scratch for the party. 
As I was hanging this sign I accidentally mis-spelled Chrismtas. 
Good thing it was an easy correction.

Christmas isn't just about getting things done though. 
We went to a Messiah Sing-In last night. 
Our family has been attending for about 8 years now. 
I am convinced that it's one of the best ways to celebrate 
the real meaning of Christmas. 


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  1. Your days have been jam-packed, and I was glad to see your Merry Christmas banners become part of it. It is a fun time of year to try and cram way more things into our lives and still be cheerful about it all. Looks like you are succeeding!