Saturday, January 24, 2015

MUZEO Quilt Exhibit in Anaheim, California

Muzeo in Anaheim

I recently went to a quilt exhibit in Anaheim at the Muzeo Museum. They had all sorts of traditional quilts. Honestly, when I walked into the modern quilt room I thought I'd walked into a room full of paintings. 

This is a wonderful Yo-Yo quilt by an unknown quilter. 
It's been estimated to be made between 1930-1940. 
There are approximately 14,000 individual yo-yo's in this quilt. 
There are a few things I can surmise about this unknown quilter. 
She was obsessive, probably needed a break from the realities of life - 
so she quilted as an escape. Don't we all have our escapes?
Some run away to their man-cave, other's have a Girls Night Out,
some eat, other's exercise, I quilt.   

   Close up of crazy yo-yo quilt.

This sampler was made between 1900-1920, possibly in Pennsylvania.
I liked all the graphic qualities of the individual blocks. 

Yellow Brick Road by Shelia Frampton-Cooper was a favorite. 
I loved her extemporaneous placement of the yellow brick road
amongst the vibrant red, oranges and blues. I had a chance to
meet with the artist at Road to California this week. Shelia was 
incredibly engaging and happy to discuss her artwork and 
the process for each piece. Her quilts are covered in thousands
of dense rows of stitches that are about 1/8 of an inch 
from each other.

At first I thought the quilt was a painting,
but upon closer inspection I realized it was quite
 simple in nature and incredibly stunning to view.
Another favorite of mine was 
Circular Logic by Joe Cunningham.
I loved the simplicity of this quilt. 
It's basically 4 large pieces
 of fabric and a lot of 
1/4 inch bias tape.

Alone/Together by Sherry Kleinman was 
a shot at reality! She took photos from life, 
turned them into drawings on her ipad, 
then quilted them on her machine. All the 
scenarios in her uniquely shaped quilt are of
people that are together, but ignoring each
other because they are paying more 
attention to their electronic devises than to
the people in the room. How many times 
have you been in a restaurant and observed the
scene that is in the detail to the right? 
Our current generation tends to spend 
more time alone, even when we're together.
The shape of the quilt also reflect the title of being
Alone/Together. The 3 panels are hanging from a top
panel, to be together, but individually each 
panel and block is alone.

Detail of Alone/Together

Our Family Tree also by Sherry Kleinman was fun to see
juxtaposition to her other quilt. She custom printed 
fabric with her ancestors names for the quilt.
She appliqued a portrait of her present family
with the names of family all the way back to 1600's and
from her immediate family. She calls this "visual DNA of 
who we are today." We are made from DNA of our past
ancestors. It totally makes sense. I thought it was interesting 
that she has 2 quilts side by side that are completely 
different in nature about people. One is about closeness 
of families, the other is about the distance between people. 

There are lots of other fabulous quilts at Muzeo.
I'll post some photos soon of my trip to the
Road to California quilt show soon. 

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