Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Shattered Shimmers





Four in Art


Shattered Shimmer by Simone Bradford

  1. 1.
    shine with a soft tremulous light.

    "the sea shimmered in the sunlight"

    "the lake shimmered"

As I was searching for fabric that shimmered
 I found this black and gold fabric. 
It's a stretch knit and a pain the rear to work 
with when mixed with quilting cottons. 
I think I'd rather spend the day cleaning a prison toilet 
with a q-tip than sew this fabric combo again. 

Image result for prison toilet

I was flipping through a CB2 furniture catalog and saw a
 cabinet door that had random zig zags on it.

Furniture + zig zags = quilt inspiration?

I went to the Road to California quilt show 
this month and scored this awesome little tool.

The blue sheet is made of screen printing film 
and when you wipe a 
chalk filled 
sponge across the surface it leaves a 
 ghost image  
of the pattern on your fabric.
The chalk is easily removed with a brush, steam or water. 

Quilting the scallops in between the fractured shimmers. 

Attaching the binding.

Front of Shattered Shimmers

And here's the final Four In Art project called
Shattered Shimmers. 

Backside of Shattered Shimmers

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  1. I love those shatter marks - are they pieced or applicqued? Your quilt reminds me of molten lava pouring over a cooled and fractured volcanic landscape - it's exciting to look at.

  2. Everything about your post and this little mini are fun! It's amazing how the group approached each interpretation differently and many with the usual angst. I love the fabrics you found and as soon as I read "stretch knit", thought "oh no!", but you prevailed and it looks great. I bought the same pounder at a show, but you seem to have had better luck with it than I (but that may well just be user error). Love your backing and how neat the quilting appears on it.

  3. It might have been tricky to make but it looks great. Those shattered shimmers really shine out and I love the way you've quilted. Also like that you included a photo of a prison toilet!

  4. I totally appreciate your frustrations of sewing with the knit. I thought of sewing with shimmer fabrics, and decided I didn't want to go down that road. Despite your difficulties - that knit really does shine as the fractures on the quilt. I also really like the various quilt motifs in different areas.

  5. You always do such interesting work with wild and crazy fabric. And after seeing that toilet picture, I hope you threw away the rest of the fabric. But I do love the result: I love the zigzags, I love the mixture of the other fabrics. Your whole quiIt is terrific!!

  6. Wonderful quilt. The stretchy glittery fabric makes it. Sorry it was so difficult to sew into the quilt. I really like this quilt.

  7. Sorry I'm so late to comment- such a fun quilt! I was wondering how you did those painful shimmers? Did you slice and insert or appliqué? Equally tricky either way probably.