Friday, March 3, 2017

Another UFO, and last mini.

The Mother Ship has called in her 3rd baby UFO.

This last project's inspiration came from another CB2 catalog.
I was flipping through the pages and stumbled across
a sideboard that was dark and interesting. 

 Here's the worst possible photo of it in my sketchbook.
It has different panels on it with unruly zig zags of gold. 
I thought this could provide an interesting idea for a 
Four In Art 
project I was working on. 

I had some pre-cut stips of fabric already waiting for me 
to experiment with.

 I thought it would be interesting to have each panel
be 1/2 the width of the previous panel.
The first panel as 4 inches wide, the 2nd was 2 inches wide, 
the 3rd was 1 inch wide and the 4th was 1/2 inch wide.  
Along with that I started with 9 zig zags on the left panel. 
I planned that in each successive panel I would double the amount of zig zags. 
That meant 9, 18, 36, & 72 zig zags in the first four panels from left to right. 
Things were going fine until I had to squeeze 
72 zig zags into a panel that was 1/2 inch wide!!!
Who's idea was this anyways?!?!

The logical left side of my brain FINALLY showed up and said, 
"Just make that dang experiment into a hot pad and be 


  1. Still think that Shimmer is fantastic. Your other experiment is wonderful too and far too good to be a hot pad. They look like the first two quilts in an amazing series.

  2. This looks like a wild ride! Glad you were able to finish both the shimmer quilt and this one – more ammo in your arsenal of cool quilts.