Monday, May 1, 2017

Shattered Moon





Four In Art Theme.

SHATTERED MOON by Simone Bradford

I started off with an idea of inserting a "moon" 
in the the center of my "darkness".  
I used a freezer paper technique. 
Here goes....

First I ironed on the freezer paper and trimmed away the fabric.

Next I snipped the black fabric and glued it to the freezer paper. 
You can see the PURPLE glue around the edge of the freezer paper. 
This is really LAME glue, the color in it fades in about 5 seconds. 
Sometimes you just need more than 5 seconds to get the job done right. 

And now it's ready to have the moon sewn into it.

The moon is made from KONA's 2016 color of the year. 
I did something bad, and forgot to take a photo sewing 
the moon on the the background.
 Fine...ground me.

Next I sliced and diced as I shattered the moon. 

I didn't want the moon to stay round while slicing and dicing so
 I just let it morph as I inserted the strips of fabric.

Quilting arches is a favorite pastime.

I quilted the moon in the center with glow in the dark thread...
Hence the 

The final mini quilt measures 16" x 16". 
The gray fabric on the front of the quilt is actually the 
side of a black on black hexagon fabric. 
I do this frequently. 
No I don't need mental health. 
Sometimes the back of the fabric is just as beautiful as the front. 
 I used gray, yellow and glow in the dark thread on it. 
I cheated and machine sewed the binding on. 
I swear I never cheat at anything else. 

And ta da! Here's the backside. 

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  1. This is fantastic and very recognizable as one of yours! I love the shattered effect, like a broken reflection, and the way it is emphasised by the quilting. I totally agree with you about using the back of fabric - it's often more subtle and pretty :-)

  2. Awesome job, Simone! I love everything about this quilt, and I've seen it up close and personal! Terrific idea of the moon, shattered, as it invokes seeing the moon in reflection, via a puddle or a shattered piece of glass, the image breaking into more images of reflection. I love the construction of this piece, and thought you explained how to inset a circle well--an always tricky endeavor. You do amaze me!

  3. I love this quilt! I liked just the plain moon, but the shattering effect really brought out something different. The glow in the dark thread is fun. Are you hanging this somewhere that you can enjoy the effect? Great quilt. Loving this series.

  4. This is wonderful! Your shattered moon really shines through the grey fabric in daylight and the the fluorescent threadwork is a brilliant addition. Light in the Darkness - day and night :D

  5. You are brilliant and this piece is just totally cool. I had learned to insert as you've done via Elizabeth (and it's a great trick!). But to then slice and dice - what a wonderful next step. And those inserts! And then glow-in-the-dark thread. You really did a marvelous job on this piece (but then you always do, right?!).

  6. Wow! Great! And great to see the method of making! Must say I don't want to ground you but would have loved to see the circle sewing... ;-)